Sarasota Water Jet Cutting

DB Welding And Fabrication is equipped with one of Florida's largest water jet cutting tables measuring at 6' x 12' of cutting surface area.

The finish provided by the water jet cutting machine is a smooth, sandblasted finish, with no rough edges, burrs, or jagged ends. The water jet cutting process uses water and abrasives. The material being cut is not heated up significantly during the cutting process which becomes ideal for materials that are affected or deformed by heat.

The water jet cutting machine can work with a wide variety of materials ranging from metals, ceramics, composites, glass, marble, and other materials with extreme precision. All cutting throughout the working surface of the material can be maintained within .010″, and smaller if required.

The DB Welding And Fabrication water jet cutting machine offers our customers multiple features and new opportunities with the most important benefit of profitability a pert of each custom fabrication project. This new custom fabrication process performs the work in a faster, cost-effective way while maintaining the highest level of quality.